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Do you want to buy a Gift Card?

Do you want to buy a Gift Card?

Treat someone special to a gift card! Unforgettable experiences, overnight stays, gastronomic delights, drinks tasting, brunches, King Size shrimp sandwiches and much more! Our gift cards can be used at Gothia Towers and Upper House.

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Surprise someone with a Gothia Towers gift card! Our gift cards can be spent on anything. A gourmet dinner, a spa visit, flowers, a King Size shrimp sandwich, wine tasting or a relaxing hotel stay. Add your chosen amount, and let the recipient decide. It’s the ideal gift for any occasion, or simply to show your appreciation!

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Gift card FAQ

Gothia Towers works with a third party, Goyada, in connection with gift card sales.

If you have any questions about our gift cards, please contact Cashcom/Goyada’s support team in the first instance, and they will help you.

What happens if I have lost my gift card?
Gift cards are a valuable document and are not issued to a specific person. They should therefore be treated like cash, and lost gift cards cannot be blocked or replaced.

How long are gift cards valid?
Gift cards are valid for one year.

My card has been demagnetised. What should I do?
Contacta Goyada’s support team.

Is VAT payable on gift cards?
No, gift cards are VAT-free.

Cashcom/Goyada Support
Tel: +46 (0)8-555 172 60