Sleep Retreat

Power Nap in our Sleep Retreat -a unique Journey to complete relaxation.     

Tucked into our state-of-the-art spa bed, you will experience deep relaxation and a feeling of being completely recharged.

Through headphones you will hear a specially designed audio program which perfectly combines music and sounds to lower busy brain activity, meanwhile the gentle vibrations from the beds water-based mattress effects the energy centres of the body.

This wonderful combination makes both mind and body unite to de-stress.

We have 4 programs to choose from;

Spa Wave Touch 30 minutes (Light vibrations) A program with light vibrations and soft focus on relaxation with soft music and sounds from nature. *Can be combined with a manual massage. (massage subject to availability)

Spa Wave Energy 30 minutes (Energy balance program) A shorter program with vibrations and accompanying audio to quickly balance the body’s energy centres and reset a tired mind.

Spa Wave Gentle 60 minutes (Full body vibrations) A 60 minute long program with a combination of both soft and more vigorous vibrations designed to help you unwind and in turn balance your chakra energy. The mediative audio guidance brings a deeply relaxed state.

Spa Wave Deep 60 minutes (Deep vibrations): This program works with deeper vibrations for a more physical sensation with a focus on deep relaxation Perfect after a long journey or a feeling of jet lag.

295 SEK 30 minutes program
495 SEK  60 minutes program

(Please note that the sleep retreat journey is not performed by a therapist. )

For those who book a treatment, we offer spa entrance at a discounted price, 395 SEK. Please let us know if you want to add spa entrance at the time of your booking and we will help you.

Phone: +46 (0) 31-708 83 25

If you wish to cancel a booking for a treatment, spa entry or spa package, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance of your booked visit. Otherwise you will be charged the full cost.

The age limit for visiting Upper House Spa is 18 years. From 16 years in company with an adult.