Yin Restore

SEK 295

Gentle class designed to release deep layers of tension built up in the body. Restorative Yoga takes you to a state of “being” instead of a state of “doing”. There is no movement, no strain. The class brings you to a sense of stillness, and from there the healing process commences. The poses are held for 10 minutes or longer, which allows the nervous system to relax. Aids such as bolsters, blankets and blocks are used to ensure the body is in a comfortable and relaxing position. No previous yoga experience is required.

Exercise sessions are included for members of our new spa club: Upper House Spa Member.

For non-members:
1 session: SEK 295
10-session pass: SEK 2200.
(Valid for 6 months from activation date).

The age limit for visiting Upper House Spa is 18 years. From 16 years in company with an adult. 

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