Yoga Nidra

SEK 295

Yoga Nidra, or “sleepless sleep”, is a powerful guided relaxation technique that releases physical, emotional and mental tension. You don’t sleep, but rather achieve a state midway between wakefulness and sleep. The class begins and ends with some gentle movement, but the majority of the session is spent lying on your back, guided by an ancient meditation technique. The deep state of relaxation achieved reduces stress and calms the nervous system and also provides an out-of-the-ordinary experience. The state of relaxation is deeper than in most of the other yoga classes. No previous yoga experience is required.

Exercise sessions are included for members of our new spa club: Upper House Spa Member.

For non-members:
1 session: SEK 295
10-session pass: SEK 2000.
(Valid for 6 months from activation date).

The age limit for visiting Upper House Spa is 18 years. From 16 years in company with an adult. 

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