A bright shining star

Upper House Dining opened in September 2013 and has since been awarded several awards and fine ratings. February 24, 2016, Upper House Dining got a star in the Michelin Guide.

Upper House Dining is also a member of Smaka på Göteborg (Taste Gothenburg), a collaboration between Göteborg & Co and the restaurant industry in Gothenburg to build and profile Gothenburg as a culinary destination. Taste Gothenburg is working to strengthen relations with local producers and suppliers and to work together to ensure a high quality level of ingredients that the restaurants use.

Upper House have been rewarded with Travellers’ Choice

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Our reviews and awards

World Luxury Spa Awards 2019

The Upper House Spa in Gothenburg, Sweden, has been named winner of the prestigious World Luxury Spa Awards 2019 in the national category "Luxury Hotel Spa".

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Sweden's best spa experience

Upper House Spa received the Best Guest Experience prize during the Spa Days 2018. The award is based on guest reviews of 250 review sites for a period of 24 months.

Sweden's best hotel 2018

Upper House was named Sweden's best hotel 2018 in TripAdvisors annual Traveler's Choice Awards. Upper House also won the categories Sweden's best service hotel and Sweden's best hotel for romance.

Top ten hotels in 2017 are listed

Sweden's top ten hotels 2017 are listed. The luxury hotel Upper House in Gothenburg wins, but the best can just as well be a smaller hotel if the Swedes are allowed to choose, according to a survey from the hotel search Trivago.

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Viktor Arabzadeh wins Eco Chef of the year

On November 16, Viktor Arabzadeh, chef at Upper House Dining, won the title Ecp chef of the Year 2016. The competition is organized by the Society Eco Chefs on behalf of KRAV.

Fredrik Borgskog won World Final

On October 25, the 2016 World Finals by Valrhona C3 (Chocolate Chef Competition) was arranged. Fredrik Borgskog, pastry chef at Upper House Dining, came in first place

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Prestigious awards at Restaurant Gala

During this year's Restaurant Gala 2016, Upper House Dining received prestigious awards: The chef Anton Husa became the Future Promise of the Year and Gustav Cansund was named the Year's Waiter. Krister Dahl, executive manager at Gothia Towers and Upper House Dining, received the honorary prize of the year.

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Emma Ziemann won Lily Bollinger Award 2016

Emma Ziemann, sommelier at Upper House Dining, won this year's Lily Bollinger Award and became Sweden's best female sommelier 2016.
Info about Lily Bollinger Award:
It was founded in 2002 by Bollinger and Arvid Nordquist in order to stimulate female sommelier competition and to honor the memory of the legendary Madame Lily Bollinger.

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Upper House Dining, 25/25 points by "GP Uteätarna"

2016: Once again top marks for Upper House Dining after GP Uteätarna's visit.
“The two desserts again reveals the kitchen's ambition to reflect the seasons in the choice of ingredients. Blueberries with white chocolate and anjou pears with lemon lemon. The care of the details of arrangement and seasoning takes us back to heavenly heights. ”

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Upper House Dining receives its first Michelin star

Since the Upper House opened in September 2013, the restaurant has been awarded several awards and fine ratings. Today, February 24, 2016, Upper House Dining has also been awarded the much-anticipated Michelin star.

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Sweden's best at service, romance and luxury

Upper House won three categories in the TripAdvisor annual Traveller's Choice Awards 2016.
Upper House won the categories Sweden's best service hotel, Sweden's best hotel for romance and Sweden's best service hotel.

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Coffee experience of the year

During the White Guide Gala 2015, Upper House Dining was named the Coffee Experience of the Year.
"To have created a pleasure-filled coffee time where the quality and presentation of the coffee together with exceptionally entertaining coffee candy becomes an integral part of the whole gastronomic experience."

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Upper House Dining, 25 /25 points by "GP Uteätarna"

2015: Top marks for Upper House Dining after GP Uteätarna's visit.
"First out is a number of small dishes, almost mouthpieces, which is one of the most beautiful and best we have eaten ... It is sublime food art."

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Upper House - Best in Sweden

Upper House won several categories in the TripAdvisor annual Traveller´s Choice Awards 2015.
Upper House won the categories: Sweden's most popular hotel, best hotel for romance, the best luxury hotel and the best service hotel in Sweden!

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Top 10 in White Guide

Upper House Dining placed number 10 in the White Guide's Nordic Master Class List 2014.

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Business restaurant of the year

Upper House Dining has been awarded the Dagens Industris (magazine) Award of Business restaurant of the Year 2014.

Dining room team of the year

Upper House Dining was awarded the Dining Room Team of the Year 2014 under the Restaurant Gala held at Circus in Stockholm.

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24 / 25 points, Di Weekend

Close to full score for our restaurant Upper House Dining from Di Weekend.
"The meal begins with small canapés, so delicious that there was a riot when one of Di Weekend's testers stole a mini-steak with smoked mayonnaise from a colleague ...".

"New Spa experience" and "Spa kitchen" of the year

New Spa exeperince of the year: “An exciting new spa experience on the nineteenth floor. It's not just the pool with glass flooring that gives heavenly shouts of pleasure ”
Spa kitchen of the year: A food performance in a masterly direction deepens the life-enhancing effect of the spa life on all the senses"

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“Service experience" of the year” – White Guide 2014

"For an ambitious take-up of an ultra-classical service structure - which raises, defines and casts new energy into traditional and partly abridged service elements - based on solid knowledge and delivered with warmth, responsiveness and humor."

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Best new restaurant – "Livets Goda" top 20

Upper House Dining – Rewarded with Best new restaurant 2014 by Livets Goda.

No. 1 among hotels in Gothenburg – Tripadvisor

On February 17, 2014, Upper House climbed into 1st place among the hotels in Gothenburg on the travel forum TripAdvisor.

25 / 25 points from "GP Uteätarna"

Just over one and a half months after our opening in 2013, Upper House Dining received fine ratings from the GP Uteätarna.
"Newly opened Upper House aims high and resembles nothing in Gothenburg since earlier".

24 / 25 points from DI Weekends hotel top 2013

The first review of Upper House was really good, 24 out of 25 points and fine words.
“Up in the blue at Sweden's most awesome hotel”.