Enjoy a relaxing and energizing scalp / and facial massage that provides energy through acupressure massage.
Massage 20 minutes

from SEK 595

Classic Massage

A classic Swedish massage for tired and stiff muscles. A traditional massage that releases tension and provides pleasant relaxation.
Massage 30 minutes 50 minutes 80 minutes

from SEK 695

Aroma Massage

Soft, fragrant and relaxing massage for body and soul. Organic oils moisturise your skin as gentle hands provide a relaxing massage.
Massage 20 minutes 50 minutes 80 minutes Duo

from SEK 895

Hot Stone

A full-body massage with hot stones, giving a feeling of total relaxation. The stones are heated in a water bath and carefully placed on specific points on your body. The heat from the stones pe...
Massage 50 minutes 80 minutes Duo

from SEK 895

Yoga massage

The combination of massage and yoga-based stretch stimulates the body to return to its natural health and vitality. This treatment is performed at floor level, where both hands and feet are used...
Massage 60 minutes 80 minutes

from SEK 1495