SEK 295

Every pose, or asana, is held for at least 3-5 minutes, which also gives us time to calm the mind. Yin Yoga works the body’s fascia, connective tissues, instead of the muscles. This is achieved by not stretching so deeply and holding the poses for longer. The major focus is the area around the hips and lumbar region. There is a lot of connective tissue here, which according to yoga philosophy accumulates a lot of physical and emotional tension. Yin Yoga is suitable for everyone. With the aid of props, a variety of items such as blankets and bolsters, you can adapt the poses to suit your individual requirements.

Exercise sessions are included for members of our new spa club: Upper House Spa Member.

For non-members:
1 session: SEK 295
10-session pass: SEK 2200.
(Valid for 6 months from activation date).

The age limit for visiting Upper House Spa is 18 years. From 16 years in company with an adult. 

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