Anna Gagner

I am an inquisitive, affectionate, happy and cheerful yogini. I have a passion for life, for my family and for my work as a yoga teacher and osteopath. This is something I hope is reflected when you meet me. I view the person as a whole – mind, body and soul. I believe in the body’s self-healing power and that we can help move things in the right direction using all the tools of yoga.

I first began practising yoga in 2000 and it quickly became a part of my life. In the beginning, more as a form of exercise and stretching. Today yoga is a way for me to sharpen my awareness and focus it on my centre. I find an inner calm there that enables me to gain clearer and deeper insights. Our everyday lives involve lots of external factors that have a negative effect on our stress levels. Therefore it is essential to take some time for ourselves, to focus on our breathing and body, time when we can relax and allow ourselves to recover. For me, yoga is a way to find my calm original self, my natural ground state. This is what I hope to be able to communicate in my classes.

I am a certified RYT 200h teacher in Hatha/Vinyasa yoga through Ulrica Norberg’s Yoga For Life.
Trained osteopath D.O. (Scandinavian School of Osteopathy in Gothenburg).